Puer tea special beauty effect

2019-05-06 11:03:11 admin 92
Since the summer, the temperature has gradually increased, and the girls with dry skin are not good at picking up the hydrating mask? The mask on the market contains more additives, so it is better to make one more choice.

Efficacy: Pu'er tea with honey double moisturizing

Pu'er tea tea soup: Pu'er tea contains more tea polyphenols than cooked tea, and tea polyphenols can remove harmful free radicals and block lipid peroxidation.

Honey: moisturizing lungs, nourishing, whitening and beauty, preventing aging and other beneficial effects on the human body.


1. Put the remaining tea and honey into the container in a ratio of 2:1, stir evenly with the utensils.

2. Wash your hands and use your fingers to dip a little blend of honey Pu'er tea. Gently tap your fingers on the face, neck, and hands where wrinkles are likely to occur.

3. Lazy method: Put the compressed mask into the mixed honey Pu'er tea water, the paper film will swell and expand. Spread the mask and gently apply it to the face. During this period, use the spray bottle to spray the remaining mixed water onto the face to keep the paper film moist. Take off after about 10 minutes.

This formula can maintain and care for the skin, leaving the skin delicate and smooth, preventing wrinkles. You can take 2-3 times a week, 10-20 minutes at a time, and wash it with warm water after absorption.

In some cities, the air is too dry, this Pu'er honey mask is simply the welfare of the fairies, and the summer hydrating artifacts make the skin easy to maintain the water.