Puer tea staged "speed and passion"

2019-05-06 10:55:03 admin 89
 Recently, the reporter learned that the price increase of Pu'er tea is very amazing. Since the beginning of this year, the overall purchase price of Pu'er production area has increased by 30%~100%. The price of some famous ancient trees and spring tea has reached a high price of 10,000 yuan per kilogram. There is a "speed and passion" in the tea industry.

According to the reporter's understanding, in addition to the scarcity of ancient tea resources and low production, the high-end Pu'er tea consumer groups have gradually expanded in recent years, and factors such as hot money speculation have also led to the surge in the price of this round of high-end Pu'er tea.

Pu'er tea seems to be no longer a drink, and it has become a luxury. Unlike the 2007 Pu'er tea price increase, this time only the high-end Pu'er tea rose sharply. However, due to the participation of speculators such as “running the street”, the psychological tea with gambling has boosted the price of the tea market again. Although some people profited from running the streets and dealers to raise the price of Pu'er tea, this deformity was even more terrible than in 2007. 

"Compared with the last price increase, this increase is actually worthy of joy, because the price increase is the ancient tree tea with collectible value and storage value, and the good quality tea is sought after by the funds." Mr. Chen Yangguang, a tea-lover, told the reporter. He said that he has only been involved in the Pu'er tea collection market in recent years. At that time, he had no concept of the type of Pu'er tea, and he did not have any knowledge in this area. He saw that the Pu'er tea in the market had a faster appreciation and he bought it. By the time the bubble burst, many of the tea prices he bought plunged and lost a lot of money. Now think about it, it was really blind at the time.

    In response to the status quo, some experts are worried that the risk of hot money speculating Pu'er tea is indeed higher when the property market is regulated, the stock market is not improving, and gold is falling again. Once the tea merchants concentrate on selling a large amount of pudding Pu'er tea, the market is in danger of collapse.

At the same time, the reporter also learned that from the collapse of 2007 to the present, six years later, the Pu'er tea fever has risen again. Although the tea farmers have earned considerable income, consumers have also bought the ancient tree Pu'er tea, which is worth storing, but there is a risk. It is also the market that needs to be vigilant. The ancient trees are limited. Excessive speculation will over-pick the remaining old tree resources, and eventually the ancient trees will be extinct.

   In the face of the current fanatical Pu'er tea market, tea collectors remind consumers to buy and collect Pu'er tea instead of blindly following the trend. Collect Pu'er tea must be more research, more comparison, find the tea factory, find the right tea varieties, but also have good storage conditions.

   Experts in the industry suggest that when people invest in Pu'er tea, it is best to choose raw tea. After the raw tea comes out, it will not enter the consumption field directly, but will be put into the collection field in the warehouse for 5 to 10 years. Due to the different production techniques, the taste of cooked tea does not change much. Compared with raw tea, it loses more room for appreciation. However, for those who purchase Pu'er tea collection, one problem that cannot be ignored is the monetization channel. Beware of the situation where there is no price and no market, so be cautious.