Tea color moonlight | tea face with moonlight, Mid-Autumn Festival is more joyful

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As the festival approaches, the Chinese pay attention to courtesy and courteous to others. “Ritual” has become an indispensable part of people's daily lives. Mid-Autumn Festival gifts, people in the past year are in the same moon cake gift box, this year is better to send a tea king elegant tea ceremony, not only highlight your cultural connotation, but also let the other party feel your sincerity and blessings. 

Tea, one of the symbols of Chinese traditional culture, is the four seasons of shallow drinks in the prime day. It is also the eternal flowing warmth of the holiday table.

In this rare day, use a cup of hot tea to honour your friends and family. As always, the tea is as good as ever. 
"Elegant gift box, showing unique taste"
Not luxurious, not unassuming, not vulgar, not old-fashioned. The introverted and elegant ink gold mix, the embellishment of the tea color moonlight art fonts, abandoning the flowers and flowers, adding a touch of elegance, highlighting the noble atmosphere.

 The idea of a moon with a small interest, when the gift box is opened, will show the process of moon phase change. From the new moon to the full moon, it is also like the practice of life is from perfection to perfection. The whole design is full of charm and unforgettable, making tea ceremony more meaningful.
The tea cake adopts the traditional art form of paper-cutting, covering the mid-autumn elements such as lotus, lantern, teapot, stream, and carved bar. The fonts of "Caiyan Moonlight" are deformed and interesting; black and white tones show the Mid-Autumn Festival. Quiet and peaceful mood.
In addition to Pu'er cooked tea, the small box around the gift box is also filled with black tea. A gift box, two flavors, you can taste it.

 "The original tea garden, the gods are extraordinary"
"Tea Moonlight" cooked tea is produced in the world's tea source, Pu'er tea gold growing area - the organic tea garden in Ninglang County, Yunnan Province. The black tea raw material is produced from the hometown of the world tea warehouse and the black tea - Fengqing County, Yunnan Province. Ancient tree tea garden. With an average altitude of 1,800 meters, it has been hazy for many years, and it has captured hundreds of years of glory.

 At low latitudes and high altitudes, the three-dimensional ecological environment of the tea garden is constructed. The diversity of organisms not only improves the freshness of tea, but also forms a green prevention and control network for the prevention and control of pests and diseases in tea gardens. The growth of each tea tree is filled with the aura between heaven and earth. Each tea leaves exudes pure nature. breath.

"Limited to good tea, more heartfelt"

“Tea Moonlight” Pu'er cooked tea has a high scent and a mellow taste. The leaves are fat, the buds are thick, the color is lustrous, and the firmness is obvious.

Dry tea can faintly smell the jujube, and after the soup is opened, the incense is noticeable, and then the bottom of the cup smells musk, but it is really wonderful.

The color of the soup and the taste are also unique. The one to five teas are bright and bright, and the taste is mellow; after the five bubbles, the soup gradually tends to be red and bright, and the taste is rich; after the nine bubbles, there is both a sense of mellowness and a sweetness. Change is endless.

 The "Caiyan Moonlight" blush is the golden bud of Fengqing. This tea has a taste, quality, and belongs to the top of the blush, and is internationally known as "Oriental Champagne."

The bud leaves are fat and strong, the Miaofeng is beautiful and complete, the golden color is revealed, the color is yellow and oily, the soup color is orange and transparent, the taste is strong and fresh, the aroma is high and the alcohol is long lasting, the bottom of the leaf is bright and even, and the color and fragrance have reached the standard of “respecting the nobles”.

The entrance is sweet and mellow, full and rich in taste. After drinking, the throat has a long rhyme and long-lasting aftertaste. The mouth has a lingering fragrance for an hour or two, and the bottom of the cup stays (the cold cup also smells).

"Mid-Autumn Tea Ceremony, set up as needed" 

 "Healthy life, you and me share"
From Shennong's taste of the herb to today's tea culture, the changes in tea function can be described as earth-shaking. From the "medicine" of the ancient times to the cultural atmosphere of "point tea" and "tea fighting" in the Tang and Song Dynasties, to the modern "beverage" and the contemporary "lifestyle", tea has become the epitome of culture of each era.

No matter how the times develop, tea is healthy and can make people happy. "Pu’er Tea King" adheres to the business philosophy of "joy and rejoice" and is determined to present a "multiple and colorful" quality experience for the majority of tea friends.