Pu’er Tea King Drinking Inner Mongolia Tea Fair

2019-08-07 09:26:28 admin 127
The Inner Mongolia Tea Expo, which attracted much attention from the industry, ended successfully at the Inner Mongolia International Convention and Exhibition Center. Inner Mongolia is a strong province of agriculture and animal husbandry, a province of ethnic minorities in the border areas. In recent years, under the support and leadership of the state, various economic developments have been rapid and it is an important market for the future development of Pu'er tea.

During the exhibition, Pu'er Tea King, as a traditional brand, displayed its inclusiveness, ingenuity, innovation and inheritance in a unique way, and won the praise of the majority of tea friends and customers.
Next, let us comprehensively review the style of Pu’er Tea King at this exhibition.

Congratulations to the partners for signing the contract with Pu’er Tea King. Thank you for your trust in Pu’er Tea King.

Pu’er Tea King is a specialized group company integrating tea planting, research and development, marketing, tea culture communication and capital operation. It has many years of experience in Pu'er tea production and management, and is a national high-tech enterprise and the key point of agricultural industrialization in Yunnan Province. Leading enterprise.

The king of tea is happy. This old brand with more than 140 years of experience will surely usher in a bright future with a new platform tailored for its customers.

PS: Banzha (pronounced: ban zha) is a transliteration word. It is a dialect of Kunming City, Yunnan Province. It is one of the words frequently used in Kunming. It means great, excellent and good.