Pu’er Tea King’s second quarter employee training meeting was successfully held

2019-08-06 10:50:51 admin 80

From June 4th to June 6th, 2019, the Group's administrative personnel department organized the induction training for new employees of Pu'er Tea King Tea Group. This training lecturer is served by the directors of various departments such as marketing, brand market, and administrative personnel.

 Sort out the questions and answer employee concerns
In order to enable new employees to fully understand and integrate into the company culture, enhance teamwork and enhance personal qualities, the Executive Human Resources Department has carried out careful planning and arrangement. This intensive training for three days, the training course involves the company's development history, organizational structure, company culture, rules and regulations, work processes, product display, tea practice. The instructors gave in-depth lectures, answered questions from new employees, and injected motivation and enthusiasm into the process of integrating new employees into the corporate environment, laying the foundation for future work. After the training, the company conducted a basic assessment of the new employees. The new employees not only have a comprehensive understanding of the company through short-term training, but also have confidence in the company's prospects and personal career development.

Standard demonstration, showing group spirit

"Tea king family, good morning!" "Tea king is good!" "Tea king!" "Happy together!"... Every time the training session begins, hello, let the new and old employees present, feel To the group's vitality. Joining the Tea King, we have joined an excellent working group. We can share information, ideas and ideas together, make decisions together to help each member to work better, and at the same time strengthen the characteristics of personal work and find their precise positioning.

Knowledge sharing, improving work skills

New and old interactions, sharing experiences. As the saying goes: "It is better to teach people to fish than to teach people to fish." The old employees combined their actual positions and summarized the work experience and benefits since they joined the company. In addition, they shared their understanding of the company's corporate culture and how to better adapt to the company's environment, and introduced the little bit of tea king. Then, they communicated freely with the new employees and patiently answered the questions raised by the new employees. Sharing the gains and losses of my work and life, reminding new employees of the things that should be noted, this exchange has been warmly welcomed and praised by new employees.

Clear goals and better serve the market

Through on-the-job training, every new employee has gained a lot. Every employee must learn to report and communicate actively, and be proactive in discovering, analyzing and solving problems, and be creative, caring, responsible, and sharing. Tea King.

Pu'er Tea King Group has always attached importance to the input and cultivation of talents. On-the-job training is an important guide for employees to gradually adapt to the organizational environment, accurately locate their roles, and give full play to their talents. The Group's administrative personnel department will, as always, do a good job in the training of employees at all stages, provide sufficient fertilizer and sunshine for talent growth, and achieve a win-win situation for employees, enterprises and customers.