Tea Base: Large-scale regional planting (high mountain clouds produce good tea)

From the date of entering the tea industry, Puer Tea King  has implemented a pollution-free strategy based on the development  trend of China’s tea industry and ecology, so as to improve the comprehensive economic benefits of tea planting.It fully guarantees the supply of green raw materials for Pu’er Tea. The company has 12 tea garden bases with an area of more than 40,000 mu, including 12,000 mu organic tea garden and more than 30,000 Mu ancient tree tea garden over 500 years. They are located in Ning’er, Jinggu, Simao, Jiangcheng, Menglian, Lancang and Xishuangbanna, respectively.

Taishan Organic Tea Farm

Taishan Organic Tea Farm is the company’s direct base. It was built in 1935. It is the last tea plantation for local tea farmers led by Ji Xiangting. The tea plantation covers an area of 6700 mu, with an average altitude of 1600 meters. Pure air, clear spring and green mountain forest breed Taishan ecological organic tea. The excellent national variety Yunkang No. 10, provincial fine variety Changyebaihao and local large-leaved population species planted in Taishan Tea Ground have reached the standard of organic tea after testing by the National Tea Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, which provides the raw material guarantee for the company to produce high-quality, safe and pure Pu’er Tea.

Wuliangshan Ancient Tea Garden

Wuliangshan Ancient Tea Garden is an ancient tea base of the company, covering an area of 50,000 mu, located in the remnants of Wuliangshan Mountain, with an average altitude of 2,000 meters. There are more than 40,000 artificially cultivated ancient tea trees over 250 years old, with an annual output of 80 tons of sun-dry tea.


Tea King Industry Ninger Taishan Organic Tea House/Tea King Industry Ning’er Le Dongshan Organic Tea House/Tea King Industry Ninger Moheyangxu Tea Plantation House/Tea King Industry Ninger Dehua Tea House/Tea King Industry Ninger Mengxian Tea House/Tea King Industry Bangwei Ancient Tea House/Tea King Industry Lincang Mengku Ecological Tea House/Tea King Industry Shuangjiang Mengku Iceland /Tea King Industry Shuangjiang Mengku Big Snow Mountain Tea House/Tea King Industry Banna Brownshan Ancient Tea Garden/Tea King Industry Jinggu Wuliangshan Ancient Tea Garden/Tea King Industry Lancang Jingmaishan Ancient Tea Garden

In addition to the above bases, 12 tea-production cooperatives have been established in Lincang, Xishuangbanna and other tea districts. They have strong advantages in raw material procurement, and raw materials are ecologically scarce, which can meet the deep processing needs of customers at different levels.

Standardized safety production, concentrate on good tea making 

Tea King Group currently has two standardized Tea Factory, Pu’er Tea King Factory and Menghai Branch Tea King Factory. The company’s products passed the national organic food certification, AA grade green food certification, food quality and safety "QS" certification and ISO-9001 national quality system certification in 2005. Pu’er Tea King Research Institute has strong scientific research and development capabilities and now has won 13 patents of various technologies, become the leader of new fermentation technology industry of Pu’er Tea.

Tea factories are planned and constructed in strict accordance with QS standards for food quality and safety production. Scientific specifications are set up for raw material warehouses, picking workshops, fermentation workshops, screening and refining workshops, compaction workshops, packaging workshops and finished product warehouses. The whole process of production from tea garden management, fresh leaf picking, primary production to factory processing, finished product packaging, warehousing and sales are checked and strictly managed, which ensures the rigorous process and high-quality requirements of Pu’er tea production process.

Technological process


pick tea-leaves, withering, green removing, rolling, sun-drying, weighing, pressing, drying, packaging

Company Garden Processing Plant-PuerTea King Factory

Pu’er Tea King Factory is located in Ning’er Town, Ning’er County, Pu’er City. There are green trees and beautiful environment. We have a group of technicians who have been engaged in the research and production of Pu’er tea for many years and mature tea-making technology. We produce more than 3000 tons of Pu’er tea annually, which has a pure and refreshing taste and is deeply loved by consumers.