Advantage of Tea King

Advantage of tea industry

Tea has a long history in China. China is the original place for tea. It is the first country in the world to discover, breed and cultivate tea trees, process and utilize tea. It is also one of the largest tea producing, consuming and trading countries in the world. China’s tea production is increasing, and the quality is improving. The brand is being developed, new product research and development has become a hot spot, industries like deep processing and tea derivatives of tea others are booming.

In recent years, the tea consumption market has steadily expanded, with nearly 470 million consumers and nearly 250 billion yuan of tea consumption in 2017, of which Pu’er tea and black tea have increased significantly. With the vigorous development of the big health industry and people’s increasing health awareness, the consumption population has grown rapidly. Especially young people’s market has been driven, to meet the so-called "Whoever attract young people will get the world". The tea industry is developing, and the tea market is quite promising.

Advantage of the place of origin

The main raw materials of the company are collected from the organic tea garden in Ning’er, the core production area of Pu’er Tea. This area has an average elevation of 1600 meters, and the cloud and mist on the high mountain is suitable for tea cultivation and is located at 23 degrees north latitude, it is the golden zone of Pu’er Tea growth; the tea tree grows well under the long light when the sunshine lasts more than 13 hours every day. The annual average temperature of 22 degrees C is the ideal temperature for the luxuriant growth of tea trees; the soil has a high "selenium" content and contains much more nutrients benefit human’s body. Good mountains and good waters make good tea.

Advantage of its Brand

Since its establishment, the company has established more than 200 franchised stores and special cabinets throughout the country, attracted more than 200 tea manor owners, served tens of thousands of customers, and has become a world-class user-designated tea for the British Royal family, China Railway Construction and CCTV. It has won a couple of the titles of "Key Leading Enterprises of Agricultural Industrialization in Yunnan Province", "Famous Trademarks in Yunnan Province" and "National High-tech Enterprises" successively. Up to now, Pu’er Tea King has won more than 100 awards at home and abroad and has become a well-known brand in Chinese Pu’er Tea Industry.

Advantage of its technology

The production process of the company meets the national standard and has passed the of ISO 9001:2008 international standard system. The whole process of production from tea garden management, fresh leaf picking, primary production to factory processing, finished product packaging, warehousing and sales is strictly controlled to ensure that the quality of tea meets the high standard requirements and obtain the national green organic food certification.
The company has strong research and development capabilities and has won 13 technical patents, including tea wrapping paper, tea fermentation device, tea drying device, tea withering device, tea screening device, new taste tea product and its processing technology. The number of patents granted is at the forefront of the same industry.

Advantage of the product

The company has registered "Antique", "Heng Ruixiang", "Yunling Sunshine" and other brands. It has more than 300 brands of products, such as Pu’er loose tea, compacted tea, convenient tea which target most people, such as men, women, children, business and leisure. The products produced by the company are of good quality and have a huge potential of value appreciation. The company cooperates with scientific research institutes such as Southwest Agricultural University and Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences in the construction of mother garden by introducing excellent tea varieties, developing new fermentation technology of Pu’er tea, shortening fermentation time, reducing processing losses, and improving product output and quality. Also it is developing health tea series products with Pu’er tea as raw material, and explores and improve the processing technology of Pu’er tea, improves the level of production automation, constantly enhances the content of product science and technology, implements scientific and technological strategy, brand strategy, ecological organic strategy, and further enhances the strength of enterprises and market competitiveness.

Advantage of the business model

Pu’er Tea King has initiated a new business model, goes beyond the traditional concept of regional distribution, and thoroughly solved the problems of profitability for distributors. It supports distributors with strategies and resources, and improves their enthusiasm, realizing real integration of manufacturers, and enjoying the five benefits of urban partners:
1. Gross profit;
2. Interest from cooperative developers;
3. Interest from owners of Tea King Manor;
4.Profit from equity appreciation;
5. Three major promotion plans.