Wenshan Puer Tea Store


On February 26, 2019, Pu'er Tea Wang Yunan Wenshan Store officially opened, and Wenshan tea friends had another good place to drink good tea.
This year, Pu'er Tea King continued to adhere to the "tea king's way of joy and good fortune" concept, with 141 years of inheritance of the process of making good tea, but also shared the development results in the spirit of "altruism", has been welcomed by more and more customers. We have reason to believe that in the future, Pu'er Tea King will enter more people's lives.

Pu'er Tea Wang Wenshan Store is located in Malipo, named after the production of chestnut trees in the vicinity, and the market is built on the hillside. There are 1 national first-class port, 14 border exchanges and 108 border crossings. The geographical position is superior and can be exported domestically. For this reason, Pu'er Tea Wang Wenshan combines local characteristics with Pu'er tea to create Cultural specialty shops have been recognized by surrounding tea friends.

Pu'er Tea Wang Wenshan Store takes “time, sedimentation and tea rhyme” as its design concept, and “tea is a product of time precipitation” as the overall spatial language. In the details of the space design, the atmosphere is not delicate.
The cake-shaped Pu'er tea is placed on the shelf properly; the green plants, the wooden table and the tea table echo each other, interpreting the charm and atmosphere of the tea under time.

In addition, Pu'er Tea Wang Wenshan has completely optimized the user experience of the tea area. Before the opening of the business, Xiao Tao, a senior trainer of the company's training department, trained the tea king's products, brewing methods and cultural connotations, so that every tea drinker can drink the best tea and let more people know about China. tea culture.