Yuci Puer tea store


Yuci Pu'er Tea Wholesale Store is located in A-06, the non-food area of the East Forex Market in Yuci District, Shanxi Province.

Yuci, in the Spring and Autumn Period, said Tushui and Wei Wei, during the Warring States Period, it was called Yuci. Qin Li Taiyuan County. The Northern Wei Dynasty and the Northern Qi Dynasty were renamed Zhongdu County. In 979 AD, Song Taizong destroyed the Northern Han Dynasty, and settled the state in Yuci. In the third year, he relocated Tangming Town and Yuci County. The name of the county will not change afterwards. In 1948, the Yuci area was set up. In 1958, Yuci City was established. It is the location of the Jinzhong Administrative Office and the Jinzhong District. On September 24, 1999, administrative division reform, with the approval of the State Council, the Jinzhong District was abolished, Jinzhong City (prefecture-level city) was established, and Yuci City was revoked, which was renamed Jinzhong City Yuci District.

Pu'er Tea King is stationed in Yuci, and the health and hygiene products and the "Drinking Tea every day, healthy life" life proposition will bring more healthy and environmentally friendly health care concepts to Yuci, and actively promote the lifestyle of Yuci tea. development of.

Welcome to the new and old tea friends to visit us!