Puer Tea King 2018 Annual Meeting of Shareholders was successfully held


 Dear Tea King shareholders, owners and family members:
With the end of the Pu'er Tea Mountain Tour, the Pu'er Tea King 2018 Annual Meeting and Equity Financing Conference has been successfully concluded. In just four days, we went from Kunming to Kunming Pu'er, from the launch of the Tea King's 2019 listing plan to the origin of the Pu'er tea. It has deepened the fate of the tea king and deepened everyone. The feelings between family. In the following period, Tea King will spread Pu'er tea to the motherland and the world through the creation of brands, teams and business models. It is always short-lived, but good memories will last a lifetime. Looking forward to meeting you again in Kunming, Pu'er, and where your family members are! Pu'er Tea King 2018 Annual Meeting and Equity Financing Conference, thank you.

March 15, 2018

It’s better to see you in the spring breeze.
Spring water is born, Chunlin is at the beginning, and the spring breeze is ten, it is better to see you in the spring city.
The 136 Chawang family members gathered in Kunming from all over the country, and the weather in Spring City was exceptionally refreshing, as if they were welcome to go home together.

Location: Kunming
March 16, 2018

Equity financing conference
The 300 square meter venue, because of you, is no longer lonely.
The way the tea king goes public is more determined because of you.

More than 140 families gathered in Kunming to listen to the operation of Chawang 2017 and the strategic plan for the next three years.

The growth of Tea King is inseparable from your concern and support.

 The Tea King team is thriving and is looking forward to bringing the benefits of Pu'er tea to more people.

The special tea performance is pleasing to the eye and refreshing.

The Tea King Art Troupe Performance - "Kun Queu Dance", full of open photos, divided into seats.

Location: Kunming
March 17, 2018
All the way south
The ordinary way is extraordinary for you. Early in the morning, we started from Kunming and began to explore the mysteries of tea.

Starting from the Spring City, all the way through the "Yuzhong Granary" Yuxi, "the place where the sun turned" Mojiang, and finally arrived at the origin of Pu'er tea - Ninglang County, Pu'er City.


410 kilometers away, 6 hours of laughter and laughter, and finally arrived in Ninglang, the story of the upcoming tea.

Location: Kunming - Ninglang

March 18, 2018

Become attached to tea

Start early, from the hotel, to the Pu'er Tea King Taishan base, full of green mountains.


Take a small bamboo pole and bring a small straw hat to pick the tea, and learn tea knowledge.

The green tea trees are full of spring, and the mountains are like clouds and clouds, dancing with the spring.

After visiting the lush green tea mountain, walk 2 kilometers to the tea king. Here, the tender leaves that have been picked will undergo preliminary processing, and our owners and shareholders are already eager to try.

Picking tea and learning tea, the morning time flies by. Drive from the Pu'er Tea Wang Taishan Organic Tea Garden, which is the important stop of the Tea Horse Road - Nakoli.


The quaint village, the century-old house, seems to have a story about the tea horse.

Enjoy an authentic Pu'er-style lunch at Rongfa Madian, and listen to the Tea King Art Troupe offering tea songs. I think about the place where the caravan stopped here 100 years ago.

After lunch, do you still remember the tea picked in the morning? We are going to the Chawang Tea Factory to turn the hard work into the final fruit - a cake belongs to its own tea  view.

"Pu'er Tea King" was founded by the Qing Dynasty scholar Ji Juting, and has a history of 140 years. In 1956, "Tea King Tea House" was nationalized. In 2004, the fourth generation of Ji Yuting, Mr. Ji Xiangxiang, regrouped, and Pu'er Tea King re-emerged!

Experience the design of pressed tea, tea, and cotton paper, and make a cup of tea that truly belongs to you. Shenshi Tea Party balances emotions and body to make your body and mind happy.

Venue: Pu'er Tea Wang Taishan Organic Tea Garden, Chawangchuchu, Nakoli, Chawang Tea Factory

March 19, 2018


In just four days, Tea King welcomed all the family members from all over the country to go home, and spent a pleasant and memorable time with everyone from Spring City to Pu'er.

I look forward to meeting you again with my family. I wish you all the best in your family in 2018! Happy family!