Shanxi Datong Puer Tea Store

 On August 20th, 2016, in this beautiful and sunny day, the tea king tea Pu'er tea agent store opened grandly! On the opening day, the group gathered together, friends and friends gathered together to share joy. Everyone witnessed the grand opening of the tea king tea industry Shanxi Datong agent store. On the occasion of the opening of the business, many local Pu'er tea lovers have also come to the fore. The superior quality of Chawang Tea has won the unanimous approval and love of the majority of tea friends!

The tea king tea industry Shanxi agent store is located at No. 1-9, Block C, Yunzhong Mall, Weidu Avenue, Datong, Shanxi. The geographical position is superior and the tea culture atmosphere is strong.

The decoration of the shop adheres to the concept of “Tea King, happy and happy”. The decoration is simple and elegant. The store design incorporates a strong tea culture. The environment is elegant, antique, and has a traditional cultural color, which brings out the extraordinary charm. The tea king tea products in the store. Everything is available.

You see the middle of the picture above is the owner of this tea king tea industry Shanxi Datong agent store, one of the Pu'er tea king tea industry, Ms. Lei Yanfang.

Left: Ji Xiang, Chairman of Pu'er Tea King Right: Ms. Lei Yanfang
Congratulations to the tea king tea industry Shanxi agent store shop grand opening! Business is booming! Wishing the people of Shanxi Datong a happy life and good luck! I also wish you all the friends who support the tea king tea industry, while harvesting wealth, but also harvest a healthy tea lifestyle!

[Store Address]: Facade 1-9, Block C, Yunzhong Mall, Weidu Avenue, Datong, Shanxi

[Opening time]: August 20, 2016

[Tasting hotline]: 0352-2388629

Tea lovers who love Pu'er tea in other regions, although they can't feel the joy of grand opening, but they can send a blessing to the opening ceremony of Ms. Lei Yanfang, Pu'er Tea King Shanxi Datong Agency, and Pu'er Tea King also welcomes Pu'er. Tea friends come to the group headquarters to taste tea, and you can also buy Pu'er tea king quality tea on the online platform.