Standardized production, create the Puer tea brand with care

Responsible for the user and create the brand image of Pu'er tea, Chawang Group currently has two standard Pu'er processing plants, Pu'er Tea King Tea Factory and Chawang Tea Factory Bohai Branch. In 2005, the company's products passed the national organic food certification, AA green food certification, food quality and safety "QS" certification and ISO-9001 national quality system certification.
Pu'er Tea King Research Institute has strong research and development capabilities, and has won 13 various technical patents. Pu'er tea is the leading company in the new fermentation technology industry.
The tea factory strictly follows the QS standard for food quality and safety production, and sets up scientific specifications for raw material warehouse, picking workshop, fermentation workshop, screening and refining workshop, compacting workshop, packaging workshop and finished product warehouse. The production process from the tea garden management, fresh leaf picking, initial production to the processing of the factory, finished packaging, warehousing, sales, the entire process of strict control, strict management, to ensure the rigorous process and high quality requirements of Pu'er tea production process.
Process flow

Garden-type processing plant area--Pu'er Tea King Tea Factory
Located in Pu'er Town, Pu'er City, the factory is surrounded by trees and the environment is fresh and beautiful. With a group of technicians who have been engaged in the research and production of Pu'er tea for many years and a mature tea making process, the annual output of all kinds of high-grade Pu'er tea is more than 3,000 tons. The taste of the products is pure and refreshing, which is deeply loved by consumers.

Pu'er Tea King Tea Factory 

After years of continuous efforts, Pu'er Tea King's series of products is becoming a beautiful landscape of Pu'er tea brand!