What are the functions and effects of black tea?

Black tea is a common tea drink. Most families have the habit of storing and drinking, and the health effect of black tea is outstanding. It is a good choice for health, which is also a reason people like to drink. So, what is the role of drinking black tea? Now, let's take a look at the efficacy of black tea.
The role of drinking black tea

1, warm stomach and stomach
The warm stomach and stomach function of black tea is very prominent. The warm stomach and stomach function of black tea is comparable to the expensive Dahongpao Chen tea, which is very suitable for drinking black tea in autumn and winter.
When people drink green tea on an empty stomach, they will feel uncomfortable in the stomach, because the tea polyphenols contained in green tea have astringent properties, have a certain stimulating effect on the human stomach, and are more irritating in the case of fasting. The black tea is different. The black tea is fully fermented and dried. The tea polyphenols undergo an enzymatic oxidation reaction under the action of oxidase, and the content is reduced, and the irritation to the stomach is reduced. In addition, the oxidation products of these tea polyphenols can also promote digestion of the human body. Compared with green tea, black tea is gentle and soft, so black tea not only does not hurt the stomach, but can also raise the stomach. Regular consumption of sugar-added black tea, milk-added black tea, can reduce inflammation, protect the gastric mucosa, and also have a certain effect on the treatment of ulcers.

2, excited and refreshing
Through medical experiments, it is found that the coffee scent in black tea can stimulate the cerebral cortex to stimulate the nerve center, which promotes refreshing and concentration of thinking, which makes the thinking reaction more sensitive and memory enhanced. It also has excitatory effects on the vascular system and heart, strengthening the heart. Beat, thereby speeding up blood circulation for metabolism, and at the same time promoting sweating and diuresis, thereby accelerating the excretion of lactic acid (a substance that makes muscles feel tired) and other old waste materials in the body to achieve the effect of eliminating fatigue.
3, Shengjin heat
Drinking black tea in summer can quench thirst and cool down because the polyphenols, sugars, amino acids and pectins in tea react chemically with the mouth, and stimulate the secretion of saliva, causing the mouth to feel moist and produce a refreshing feeling; The sputum controls the body temperature center of the hypothalamus, regulates body temperature, and stimulates the kidney to promote the excretion of heat and dirt, maintaining the physiological balance in the body. In addition, black tea is also an excellent sports drink, in addition to quenching thirst and replenishing water, if you drink before exercise (such as a marathon) that requires physical strength and endurance, because the trace caffeine in black tea has a refreshing effect and can be exercised. In the process, the body first burns the fat to supply heat and retains the liver and vinegar, so it is more endurable.
4, diuretic blood sugar, blood fat, weight loss
The latest research by British scientists proves that black tea is good for people with diabetes. Black tea can stimulate the secretion of insulin and reduce the peak blood sugar after meals. Getting used to eating meat products is also very suitable for drinking black tea, which helps digestion and lowering fat.
In the combination of coffee scent and aromatic substances in black tea, the blood flow of the kidney is increased, the glomerular filtration rate is increased, the renal microvasculature is expanded, and the reabsorption of water by the renal tubule is inhibited, thereby contributing to an increase in urine output. This is beneficial to eliminate lactic acid, uric acid (related to gout), excessive salt (related to high blood pressure), harmful substances, etc., and to alleviate edema caused by heart disease or nephritis.
5, anti-inflammatory sterilization
The polyphenolic compounds in black tea have an anti-inflammatory effect, and it has been found through experiments that catechins can bind to single-cell bacteria to coagulate and precipitate proteins, thereby inhibiting and eliminating pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, it is beneficial to drink black tea in patients with bacterial dysentery and food poisoning. Folks also use strong tea to apply wounds, hemorrhoids and Hong Kong feet.

6, detoxification lungs
According to experiments, tea in black tea can absorb heavy metals and biopterin, and precipitate and decompose. This is a boon for modern people who drink water and foods that are industrially polluted. In addition, black tea also has anti-mite, stomach and intestine to help digestion, delay aging, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, lower blood fat, anti-cancer, anti-radiation and other effects.