Pu’er Tea King Tea Group Co., Ltd. Investment Policy

Puer Tea King Group warmly welcomes all local tea distribution units (or individuals) with good reputation, strong strength, rich marketing experience and long-term cooperation will cooperate and negotiate.
First, the basic requirements:
1. Integrity management and good reputation;
2, have experience in selling tea; can complete certain sales tasks;
3. A certain number of stores with a certain scale;
4. Have strong management and market operation capabilities, and have corresponding marketing personnel;
5. Have good financial ability and strong ability to resist market risks;
6, there is a corresponding customer service mechanism and is equipped with professional customer service staff;
7. Have a good spirit of collaboration and good social relations.
Second, the factory supports:
1. Stable supply of goods;
2. Reasonable supply price;
3. Support for promotion activities: After becoming the official distributor of Pu'er Tea King Group, the factory will provide promotional materials and advertising design plans, activity implementation plans, etc.; for major exhibitions and publicity activities, send professionals to provide on-site support and assistance;
4. Propaganda and promotion on the website "http://www.puerteaking.com"; at the same time, carry out corresponding promotion in the selected media;
5, marketing support: free to concentrate on the dealer's staff training; organize dealers responsible for professional marketing training (high-level), symposium; share the latest marketing programs and success stories of dealers across the country.
Third, the investment process
1. Understand the company and related products, analyze the product market prospects; understand the business philosophy of the company;
2. Intentional customers first draft the "Distribution Letter of Intent" (see the attachment for the distribution intention letter), and submit it to the company together with the three certificates (business license, tax registration certificate, ID card of the person in charge);
3. The company sent people to conduct on-the-spot investigations and conduct comprehensive evaluations on the sales network, social relations, economic capabilities, and business cooperation concepts of relevant customers;
4. Negotiate with qualified customers and clarify the intention of cooperation between the two parties;
5. The two parties signed the "Join Contract";
6. Distribute goods and publicity materials to dealers as planned;
7. The dealers carry out sales promotion operations in light of the market conditions in the region.