Pu’er tea agent can enjoy professional tea room service

Have you encountered the following problems when buying tea?
The tea system is huge, and there is no way to choose products and quality...
Tea tables, tea sets and other tools are numerous and expensive...
After buying tea, there is a lack of follow-up professional tea service and training...
Have you encountered the following problems when selling tea?
Customer demand is limited, sales can not break through...
The customer's tea knowledge is limited, and the cost of consumer cultivation is high...
Unable to grasp the tea needs of core key customers...
Pu'er Tea King Business Tea Room,
Designed to provide a systematic, professional solution:
Through a combination of tea, tea set and tea artist,
Create a professional tea room for consumers,
At the same time, it provides dealers with an in-depth understanding of consumer needs.
As long as you become a tea king group Pu'er tea agent, you can enjoy professional tea room service instantly.

Pu'er Tea King

Business tea room plan
Selling more than just tea, it is a professional solution.
One:What can be harvested through the business tea room?
1. Tea - selected by season, quality, more favorable
As the leading enterprise in Yunnan Province, the Chawang Group has strict requirements on quality. The company has a total of 10,000 mu of tea gardens, from planting to production, and strictly checks and invites experts to review.
Become a member of the business tea room, select the products from the tea king, select the recommendation every quarter, and enjoy the tea purchase for life.
2. Tea set - one-time fit, uniform style, affordable
Tailor-made professional tea room according to the membership. The decoration scheme, purple sand tea set and solid wood tea table are all equipped at one time, eliminating the trouble of purchasing by all parties. At the same time, the tea king selects the supplier and reaches a cooperation agreement, which can guarantee the quality and guarantee the extremely favorable price.
3. Tea Master - twice a month door-to-door service, making tea and teaching are OK
Buying tea is not the end of service, but the beginning of good cooperation. Every member who joins the business tea room program can enjoy the tea artist's on-site service for free. From tea art performances to tea making services to tea-teaching knowledge, you can meet the needs of business reception, and also teach and teach more to further understand tea.
Tea, tea set, tea artist, full set
 two:Business tea room package selection
The business tea room package is divided into three levels: 10,000 yuan, 30,000 yuan, 50,000 yuan; at the same time, members can also make appropriate adjustments according to their own situation and local market conditions.

In addition to the package, you can enjoy a lifetime tea purchase.
Three: some tea sets in the business tea room

Talking and laughing, feeling happy
Tuning the piano, improving the sentiment
Take a tea party, calm atmosphere
Self-cultivation, feeling the world
Immediately join the tea king Pu'er tea agent
Open your own professional tea room