Pu’er tea agent opening rules

 Tea is a traditional Chinese industry with a broad consumer base.

However, looking at the Chinese tea market,

Whether branded tea or tea retail,

There is a lack of leading companies that can lead the entire industry.


From the perspective of traditional tea shops,

Summarize the six rules,

Crack the profit problem of traditional tea shops.

Rule one

Heavy quality, but also re-marketing!

Many people in the industry know that tea is a good thing, and the tea industry has made great achievements in terms of categories and production areas, but this is based on the quality dimension. Whether it is Longjing or Pu'er, whether it is Yunnan or Zhejiang, these endorsements are endorsed. From the current point of view, quality endorsements can't be effectively transformed into brand potential energy, but they can't be transformed into product selling points that consumers can easily accept. To put it bluntly, we are good things, but we can't sell them, marketing ability is short board. .

Taking Pu'er Tea King as an example, Pu'er Tea King has always been proud of its history and product quality, but like most tea companies, the same product packaging, traditional dealer model, and fuzzy brand positioning make the tea king buried. Among many brands, it is difficult to stand out from the crowd. Consumers only know that this big category is very good, but what brand is good? This can't be said!

Rule two

Advance with the times, innovative brand concept!

Another point that needs to be pointed out is that many tea companies have a profound history. They can be said to be a hundred-year-old store. Many brand stories are also good, but they are out of touch with the current consumption link, and the history of selling can not keep pace with the times. How to maintain the brand? The sense of the times and the activity, this is especially worthy of attention! How can a traditional enterprise that has experienced a hundred years of wind and rain change its face? With a new lineup and a new image, it deserves to be seriously considered by all the old brands. Foreign monks will chanting, perhaps the same in the tea industry, tea marketing and brand must inject fresh power and blood.

Rule three

Traditional chain store upgrades, traditional and modern collisions!

The image of the existing tea shop looks like traditional and high-end, but the image of too much specialization has made a large number of potential consumers rejected. Most of the tea shop's decoration is somewhat “cold and cold”, and combined with traditional culture, it is light and has a The modern style of tea chain stores is a new trend that Pu'er Tea King is trying to establish. Lowering the threshold and making consumers willing to walk in is the first step in building a modern chain.

Rule four

Learn from the experience of fast-moving products, accurate positioning!

Building a modern chain of stores, the packaging and positioning of products are equally important, how to stand out in the popular bagged tea, cake tea, for the product, the value is very important, directly determines the taste of consumption of the desire! According to the audience and the purpose of purchase, Pu'er Tea King divides the products into four series, from top to bottom, to meet different consumer groups. At the same time, for each series of products, slogans are put forward, so that consumers can clearly understand the positioning of the products, so that the appeal of the products themselves is clear and clear, so that the products themselves can tell stories.

Rule five

Breaking regional distribution and opening up a new cooperative developer model!

The number of specialty stores and brand awareness can be said to complement each other. How does the traditional tea industry stimulate the enthusiasm of the channel, which requires innovation in the cooperation model. Starting from this line of thinking, we innovatively proposed the "cooperative developer model". On the basis of the existing traditional distribution model, we broke the geographical restrictions and unified supply of the manufacturers. At the same time, we encouraged dealers to sell through 30% of high rebates. The integration of the manufacturers has greatly increased the shipments of the terminal stores, and more importantly, the channel's recommendation enthusiasm has been improved.

Rule six

The terminal marketing model is upgraded and the tea is sold as a solution!

The office is the main consumer of tea, and the office leaders use the core group of tea. How to grasp these core opinions and consumers is very important. Selling goods to dealers is not the end, but the beginning of cooperation with us. Pu'er Tea King provides a one-stop service by creating different levels of packages, in order to help dealers to settle in office buildings, expand channels and network resources, and to make traditional tea shops “live” with a systematic solution. Continued sales increase. Help the terminal to sell, in addition to good products, more need a good method, this is a systematic marketing project!

In summary, in the past, a single profit model, a conservative image, and an insufficiently prominent brand positioning, these factors are all traditional tea shop chains can not open, opening a dead one, not only difficult to enhance consumer interest in the store, Moreover, the continued development of the tea shop is in trouble. As the new representative of Pu'er Tea King, our change is not to abandon the tradition, but to use the modern language to help the tea shop quickly get the recognition of consumers on the basis of inheriting the tradition. The Belt and Road and consumption upgrades bring not only opportunities but also challenges to the traditional industry. “Old brands, new images” and high-executive business models, we look forward to this exclusive “Puer Tea King” routine for tea. The overall development of the industry provides some useful thinking and reference!

The above points, are you getting it?

Additional points:

The initial location, product, style and positioning of the tea shop are very important.

Later maintenance is more important.

How to carry out vivid construction, how to do a good job of promotion, how to improve consumer viscosity,

These are all things that need to be smart and hardworking to think and implement.

Fortunately, Pu'er Tea King has just set up a help group, which will set up a "one-on-one" service for customers, and carry out construction and promotion after opening a store.