Pu’er tea joins the choice of tea king advantage

There are always two problems in the existing tea market:

1. The dealer's profit model is single, the profit is low, and it is difficult to protect the capital.

2. Low support from manufacturers, limited dealers' enthusiasm


From the first point of view, operating the store in the traditional mode, except for labor costs, rent, purchase costs and other high costs, dealers have little profit left.

From the second point of view, there are various problems in the two main modes of the market - exclusive dealers or flat operations. The secondary dealers are reluctant to get the goods from the total distribution. The support of the manufacturers is difficult to balance, and the market support is not in place. It is a consistent problem faced by the terminal.

Based on the above, Pu'er Tea King has innovatively proposed the “city partner” model, which truly solves the problems of single profit and difficult market.

The cooperative developer model and regulations are as follows:

1. The business area of ​​the city partner is not limited.

2. The term of the contract of the city partner is 2 years.

3, the city partners unified orders directly to the company, the price system is consistent, enjoy the lowest price of products.

4, the city partners are divided into 6 levels, 1W yuan start investment, no store can also pick up the goods.

5, provide store support, subsidies, post-operation support, including not limited to training support, personnel training and promotion.

Pu'er Tea King's innovative urban partner model breaks the traditional dealer or flat model, mobilizes the enthusiasm of developers, and leverages their respective resources and advantages to achieve a true community of manufacturers and jointly create the first brand of Pu'er tea in China!