Xiang Ting 667 (raw tea)

Xiang Ting 667 (raw tea)

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Characteristics: Tea cake strips are strong, the buds and leaves are full and silver, honey fragrance is prominent, the bottom of the cup is persistent, the bottom of the leaf is green, yellow and even tender. "667" is one of the listed stock codes of Pu'er King Tea.

Materials: Originated from Taishan Organic Tea Garden, Puer Area, 101 degrees east longitude, 22.88 degrees north latitude, 1750-1850 meters above sea level, with annual precipitation of 1600 mm and annual average temperature of 22 degrees centigrade.

Standard: 357g/pie (42 pies/piece), Pu'er King Tea's traditional technology. The tea soup tastes better when 7 g of tea is brewed in a covered bowl and 95℃ water.